Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning by experienced professionals not only keeps your facility looking it’s best but you also protect your investment by extending the life of your carpet.

Good Guys Carpet & Rug Cleaning uses two methods to make sure your carpet is cleaned properly:

Truck Mount Method

We pretreat the carpets with a customized pre-spray to maximize the effectiveness of the hot water. After the treatment is applied our truck mounted system uses water with temperatures reaching 250 degrees at 500 psi to lift particles of soil and flush them from the carpet fibers back to the holding tank in the truck. Hot water extraction is more of a deep clean and is great for build-up and deep restoration. This method is perfect for cleaning restaurants and facilities with a higher volume of traffic. Even the dirtiest of carpet is no match for us.

Low Moisture Encapsulation Method

This method relies on dry compounds complemented by application cleaning solutions. In this process the carpets are first lightly vacuumed to remove all loose soil. An encapsulation machine is then used to disperse the encapsulating chemical and to agitate the carpets. After drying this chemical will crystalize with other excess soil into a residue, making it easy to vacuum away. With the low moisture it allows carpets to dry faster and allows them to be walked on sooner. This method is great for facilities with a maintenance program already in place or with moderate foot traffic.

One big benefit of regular carpet cleaning is improved air quality. After every carpet cleaning an antimicrobial deodorizer is used to neutralize odors by eliminating them at their source leaving you with a fresh, clean scent.

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